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Welcome to stelmach.ca, a site designed for the constituents of Fort Saskatchewan - Vegreville.

For information on PC Alberta's province wide campaign, please visit www.albertapc.ab.ca

We live in one of the most fortunate places on earth. Alberta is a beacon of hope and prosperity for the whole world. You and I know that what we’ve accomplished didn’t happen by accident – it took hard work and courage to persevere.

Now Alberta enjoys full employment, low taxes, and a clean environment. We also face new pressures on our communities from this record-breaking growth.

And I’m concerned when people tell me that Alberta’s success is not reaching everyone. We all face the pressures of crowded roads and transit systems, or finding child care or a family doctor. And buying or renting an affordable home when thousands of new Albertans arrive weekly is a challenge. I know some workers’ wages just aren’t keeping pace with the cost of living, while labour shortages are hurting our small businesses and public services like healthcare.

That’s why more than ever we need leaders who understand the challenges you face day to day. Leaders with the experience and energy to make the changes that will manage our growth without risking our successes.

When I became your Premier, we got right to work. I am proud to say that after just one year, we’ve focused our plan to build roads, schools, hospitals, municipal transit and recreation facilities. We created 6000 new apprenticeship seats and put in place plans to both recruit health care professionals and increase child care spaces. We invested in affordable housing and introduced tough new crime legislation.

But there is so much more to be done.

I have a fresh team of women and men running in this election, and we have a plan to make the changes required to make sure everyone benefits from Alberta’s success.

First, our plan will invest in people and our quality of life. Albertans want to be financially secure, to live in safe communities, and to have access to services that help us learn, grow, stay healthy and enjoy our lives. And we don’t want any of our neighbours to be left behind.

Second, we will protect our prosperity with a plan to invest in knowledge industries, upgrade resources here at home, keep taxes low, and save some of our wealth for future generations.

Third, we will fulfill our commitment to greening our growth. Our clean environment is an enormous asset. We intend to keep it that way by balancing growth with a plan to protect water, air and land.

Please join with me as we continue to make changes that work for Alberta.


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